Residential Internet

Interested in Internet service?

Call or email for a free availability test shot. The test shot will be completed within 10 business days of your initial request. If the test shot is successful, and you would like to schedule an install, call (573) 659-7950. Note: A one-time installation fee of $99 and a one-year service contract applies to all packages. Installation includes all cabling and internet service connection equipment.

*Prices vary by location.

Speed Packages

2M / 1M

$45.00Per Month *

  • 2 Mbps download
  • 1 Mbps upload
  • No data caps

3.4M / 1.5M

$55.00Per Month *

  • Most Popular
  • 3.4 Mbps download
  • 1.5 Mbps upload
  • No data caps

5M / 2M

$65.00Per Month *

  • 5 Mbps download
  • 2 Mbps upload
  • No data caps