We have good service in Westphalia and if anything goes wrong they promptly come out if they need to. Very satisfied.


We love RadioWire. We have been customers for a couple/few years now and we really like it. Now that we have moved from Fulton to Wardsville, we love that it is cheaper service! :)


Just wanted to let you know that we have enjoyed our service with Radiowire since we became a customer in 2009. Whenever we have had a problem it was promptly fixed with very little service interruption. I have enjoyed the newsletters with community events and recipes. It is nice to have reliable internet service in our rural area. Thank you RadioWire & keep up the good job.


I think your service is great! I've recommended you to a number of people. I know at least three of them are now RadioWire subscribers!


I always get great service and I always recommend your service in the Mary’s Home Area. You reaffirmed that there are still companies out there focused on great and professional service.


We've had radiowire for about 3 years now.  We have several devices using the internet at once, often-times, and it still performs well. Thanks for the great service!


I'm very satisfied with RadioWire.net. Thanks so much for providing good service at a fair price in our area. Keep up the great work!


We really appreciate your service and it is better than any we've had before. Whenever we've had a problem, someone has been quick to respond or answer our phone call.


My family is able to enjoy NetFlix and XBox Live. I can also keep all of my devices up to date with software and security updates which with my previous service I could not because of download limits.I recommend Radio Wire to anyone that asks me what internet service I use. I have also called and talked and with Lisa in the office. She helped me quickly and followed up to make sure everything was correct.That is what I call great customer service. Justin Dean and his brother did the install and they did an awesome job. The install was quick and it was neatly done. They explained everything to me about the service and they were very knowledgeable. I give Radio Wire 5 out 5 stars. Thanks for all you do!


We had RadioWire installed several months ago and have nothing but good things to say about it! We haven't had any issues with it not working whenever we've needed it. The speed is wonderful and can handle any activity we need it for - even several activities at one time. I am always recommending RadioWire to anyone who is looking for internet service.


I have been a customer for a little under a year.  But in this time I have convinced my mother-in-law and brother and sister-in-law to switch from their internet providers to Radiowire. I've not had a bad experience yet and I love that the company is local. The most important thing I appreciate is my bill never changing. Thank you Radiowire!!


We love Radio Wire!  As a church we have some unique needs.  You delivered and have met all of our needs at an affordable cost.


I am very happy with my service, no complains at all. Prior to moving to this location I was renting a place just outside New Bloomfield. I was forced to use satellite service there. I also enjoy your news letter, it shows that your company really cares about it's customers, and goes the extra distance to show it. My system (the same one I have now), would work so slow, wouldn't load up webpages often, and often would just freeze up. With your system is only 5MB, but it never freezes, always fast downloading, never gives me any problem.(and your price is much less than I was paying them).RadioWire is a Great company, and the people working there are what makes so great.


We have been very pleased with our internet service and have recommended you to many of our friends.  We love the flat fee a month with no extra fees, taxes, etc. The speed is great and less expensive than many companies.